3 Memorable Lunar New Year Marketing Campaigns Of 2020

3 Memorable Lunar New Year Marketing Campaigns Of 2020

Chinese New Year, otherwise known as Lunar New Year, is the biggest celebration of the year in China and other East Asian countries, opening up many opportunities for brands all over the world to celebrate the holiday with activations. Here are three memorable Lunar New Year marketing campaigns from 2020 that successfully celebrate the holiday while stressing the importance of family, tradition and good food.

Nike Puts A Twist On The Red Envelope Tradition

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Most people who celebrate Lunar New Year engage in the hongbao red envelope tradition, where family elders gift red envelopes, often filled with money, to their younger family members for good luck. Nike’s Lunar New Year commercial depicts the struggle of an aunt trying to give an envelope to her niece, who repeatedly declines the gift out of politeness. The action begins with the niece as a young girl who refuses the envelope from her aunt, as her mother does not want her to accept it. The aunt, however, quickly manages to slip the envelope into her niece’s pocket when she is not looking. The vicious, but well-intentioned, cycle continues on for years, culminating with the niece wearing Nike sneakers in an attempt to outrun her determined aunt through factories, rooftops and massive crowds. Bringing the story to the present day, the niece is now an adult and tries to return the favor to her aunt by giving her a red envelope. The aunt is prepared with a pair of Nike sneakers of her own, and #TheGreatChase lives on.

Panda Express Celebrates The Lunar New Year With Augmented Reality (AR)

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Panda Express is launching an augmented reality (AR) experience called the Celebration of Good Fortune, now available on Facebook and Instagram until February 8th. Each of Panda Express’ five AR filters provides an interactive way to tap into Lunar New Year cultural traditions. The filters include games that allows users to “snack” on virtual food falling from the top of the screen, throw firecrackers to ward off evil spirits, decorate selfies with lion masks and virtual lanterns and swipe up to unlock surprises in red envelopes.

Gucci And Disney Collaborate To Release New Mickey Mouse-Themed Collection

Gucci and Disney released a fun new Mickey Mouse-themed collection, to mark the year of the rat, by celebrating Disney’s most famous cartoon rodent. The Mickey Mouse-themed collection features a mix of new designs and Gucci classics, with Mickey Mouse printed on everything from jumpers, shoes and bags to baseball caps and scarves. Gucci and Disney even brought the campaign to life by capturing pictures of Chinese actress Ni Ni, English actor Earl Cave and American fashion designer Zoe Sidel spending the day with Mickey Mouse in Disneyland. The Mickey Mouse-themed collection is available to buy now at select retailers worldwide. By using the hashtag #DisneyXGucci on Instagram, shoppers can get a better look at all the products from the collection.

Lunar New Year is a time of celebration for people all over the world. For many brands, Lunar New Year is also a key time of year to connect with consumers and find new opportunities for increased sales. Brands cash in on this highly lucrative holiday in order to build brand inclusivity, cultivate relationships with consumers and drive conversation.

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