Cliona “wins the real battle” with nearly 300 million VND turnover in 5 days

Cliona “wins the real battle” with nearly 300 million VND turnover in 5 days

A survey by Asia Plus Company on the habit of using cosmetics of Vietnamese women aged 16 – 39 has shown that: in the last 3 years, the number of women doing makeup increased from 76% to 86%, At the same time, the number of people who wear makeup regularly (at least 4 times a week) also increased from 35% to 39%. The habits have been largely strengthened, and the demand has increased, which means a booming future for the cosmetics market. According to Yano Research Institute (Japan), Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing cosmetic markets in Southeast Asia. 

However, the journey to gain market share is not easy for any business, due to the presence of many brands and retailers from many countries around the world actively promoting the exploitation of the Vietnamese market. The young brands are struggling to find a foothold among the “cosmetics giants” worldwide. And the option to exploit the customer segment on the online platform is the successful answer that the Cliona brand chooses in this fierce battle for market share.

As a relatively new cosmetic retailer on the Vietnamese market, Cliona always faces certain pressures on market share, competition, and innovation to stand firm and grow. To turn challenges into opportunities, Cliona actively exploits the online market, opens up new directions, and builds the trust of customers. Because of these principles, the sales campaign with the influencer marketing method resonating on the Social Selling Platform from Ecomobi was chosen and brought back the proud numbers.

Overview of Cliona’s successful campaign


  • Product: Loulou Seoul lipstick and blush
  • Expectation: 500 orders / 5 days
  • Actual result: More than 20.000 conversations with Chatbot
  • 1.578 orders (reaching 315% KPI) – conversion rate of nearly 8.0%
  • Turnover of nearly 300,000,000 million VND 

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  • Product: Body Secret Key Whitening Cream
  • Expectation: 300 orders / 4 days
  • Actual result: More than 11.000 conversations with Chatbot
  • 548 orders (reaching 182% KPI) – conversion rate near 5.0%
  • Turnover of over 117.000.000 million VND

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Cliona – The right move in the Influencer Marketing strategy

According to marketing experts, “Survey of cosmetic consumption trends in 2019-2020 shows that the most priority factors for customers to make decisions about buying cosmetics are product quality, brand trust and brand engagement in the Vietnamese market. A brand that sincerely targets customers, touches their emotions will create loyalty, and fill the market gap.” This explains the success of the influencer marketing method that Cliona chooses to orient, attract and strengthen the confidence of potential customers, meeting the needs and habits of young people, and conquering them by testimonials from influential people.

Resonating on the success of the campaign must include the role of the Social Selling Platform system from Ecomobi. Describing the function of this system, all businesses have positive comments on intelligent and multitasking supportability. Right from the orientation process, the system brings in detailed data, suggesting suitable influencer for the needs of the brand. Retrieving data from the system memory, conducting analysis and selection with the “real battle” figures of the influencer, Social Selling Platform gives an overview of details, helping brands choose the right influencer for the campaign and the business’s motto. As a wise consultant, SSP smart machine solves the dilemma of most influencer marketing campaigns and ensures the perfect success rate for businesses.


Social Selling Platform - The best social selling platform in Southeast Asia

Social Selling Platform – The best social selling platform in Southeast Asia

Continuing its supporting role for the campaign, the system participates in the operation process with the most intelligent and advanced AI integrated sales Chatbot. Chatbot replaces people to handle huge workloads, both caring and answering questions 24/7 while promoting marketing and collecting customer information. Chatbot has the ability to record and analyze insights to optimize the experience, minimize waiting time, and increase the ability to effectively close orders. Those orders will be delivered to the warehouse department and quickly shipped to buyers. After each campaign, besides the historical and operational results analyzed, reported, businesses also receive the most authentic database collected using AI technology, becoming a valuable treasure for all future activities. 

Efforts to use a sales support system integrating artificial intelligence is about working smoothly and cost-effectively for any brand campaign. The trend of the 4.0 era is to actively use technology and machines to replace people in repeated behaviors, complete multiple tasks at the same time while ensuring accuracy, professionalism, and quality. Businesses not only notice changes in work efficiency but above all are huge amounts of money that are saved from the cost of bulky personnel apparatus, expensive and complex training processes. 

The work efficiency will be rewarded with sales and enhancing the brand reputation in customers’ hearts. This is the key to Cliona’s success, which is also a key experience for businesses in the 4.0 era to actively apply to the fierce battle for growth and market dominance.

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