How did we sell 1.000 lipsticks in a week via Social Commerce?

How did we sell 1.000 lipsticks in a week via Social Commerce?

95% of users block and avoid advertising. Brand advertising is expensive and dies prematurely. How does the business cope with this situation? Many brands have chosen social commerce (electronic commerce + social media) and run Influencer marketing campaigns.

Market overview

The precious numbers on consumer tastes have become a launching pad for Influencer marketing to flourish with social commerce. 

  • 49% of users believe the recommendations of Influencers.
  • 74% of users trust social networks in the activities that lead to their purchase decisions.
  • 91% of the Y generation (those born between 1980 and 2000) believe that online assessments are no different from opinions from their family or friends. 

Businesses gradually put their trust and use Influencer marketing in their advertising campaigns. Initially, they operated Influencer marketing with very simple requirements: selecting celebrities, taking photos with the product, posting photos with a brief introduction about the product, with the goal of increasing brand awareness among the audiences of those celebrities. After a period of application, businesses are afraid that the effectiveness of advertising would only stop at vague figures. The cost of the campaigns is not small, but the revenue effect does not seem to be progressing.

Later, the request was raised to boost sales, by adding sales links in the content of celebrities or calling the audience for information to receive advice, close the sale,… Now, all transactions direct users away from social networks, to e-commerce sites, or business websites. Users almost give up halfway due to the fear of time-consuming, complicated processes, affecting their current activities,… The report shows that 95% of customers contact but do not buy. 

The problem for businesses is to find a solution to handle strategic issues, optimize customer experience, measure campaign effectiveness, care, and chase customers to quickly close the sale,… It is time for businesses to dare to cope and try with a whole new vision, applying a completely new solution.

Brand new Social Commerce solution: Safe or Challenging?

Implementing the safest campaign with the biggest challenge is to apply a relatively new support platform – Social Selling Platform from Ecomobi. Enterprises operate the campaign according to the following process:


Social Selling Platform - The best social selling platform in Southeast Asia

Social Selling Platform – The best social selling platform in Southeast Asia

  • Step 1: Select the product
    In order to ensure the safety of the campaign (the product is sufficiently attractive to a large audience and has a high revenue potential), the business chooses lipstick products. This is a product that adapts well to Influencer marketing, does not require an in-depth evaluation, easily displays product features, in particular, belongs to the essential product line, and is affordable for most users.


  • Step 2: Content development :
    There are many Influencers in the cosmetic industry, but to choose the most suitable and potential person for the success of the campaign, businesses must rely on advice from the Social Selling Platform with Influencers profiles and refer to actual performance data from the campaigns they have carried out. Selected Influencers will publish content on YouTube, which is their “home ground”, and distribute content on Facebook to attract the audience to watch.


  • Step 3: Operate the campaign, make the most of the system’s multitasking functions
    In addition to advice on selecting the most appropriate Influencers based on the campaign performance data they have implemented, the Social Selling Platform continues to support the campaign with smart Chatbot, integrated AI, has a multi-role as a well-trained team: chat with customers right on social networks without having to navigate to other platforms; make judgments and gather information, user comments, customer feedback 24/7; meet the needs and shorten the time to close the sale; measure, analyze and store campaign effectiveness by actual order data altogether. The system has replaced a cumbersome human resource team, handling huge workloads professionally and optimally.


  • Step 4: Tracking and summarizing campaign effectiveness
    As soon as the content was released and distributed, the number of conversations with Chatbot positively increased, the first orders appeared, increased gradually, and ended the first night with the number of nearly 300 orders completed on the system. The second day continued to multiply to 500 orders. By the end of the seventh day, Ecomobi’s Social Selling Platform (SSP) summarized more than 20.000 customer exchanges, over 1.000 successful orders. After that, more than 500 more were sold.

Lessons for success:


  • Safe products are products with potential, considered essential products, suitable for tastes, reasonable prices with the majority of customers (from 200.000 VND to 450.000 VND).
  • Suitable influencers are those who play a role as a Social Seller, are able to create objective and reliable content for the audience. They dare to try the form of measuring efficiency through actual sales, thereby, deciding the level of income with two revenue sources: paid booking and commission based on actual sales.
  • The right strategy is the optimal customer experience method: combining content with exchange chatbot, selling right on social networks, not navigating to other platforms, collecting customer information as a basis for understanding tastes to take care, and meet the needs, thereby closing orders quickly.
  • Optimal operation is to smoothly combine chatbots and other parts such as telesales closing right after the order is generated on the system, in coordination with the transport and warehousing department to complete orders quickest and cheapest.

Even the smallest gaps in the strategic process or implementation can lead to severe consequences for the business’s budget. And the losses will continue to be more serious if businesses do not change, adapt, pluck up courage to challenge with advanced visions and innovative solutions for their businesses.

(*) Source: Mr Nguyen Xuan Dong – Co-Founder & Vice President of Ecomobi

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