KOL vs. Influencer

Who is KOL?

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) is defined as an expert in a specific field or industry whose opinion is valued and listened to. KOLs are respected and trusted for their knowledge.

Who is influencer?

Influencers are the one whose thoughts or opinions have certain impact on their audiences. They have the power to induce or deter purchase decisions of others thanks to their expertise and relationship with the audiences.

The differences between KOL and Influencer

Both KOLs and Influencers are individuals who can influence a consumer’s opinion about a product or service. Influencers can have a strong influence on an audience on social platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Instagram.

KOLs may or may not have presence on social media since these platforms are not their main communication channel. An influencer’s credibility comes from his/her online personality, social contents and perceived authenticity.

An audience follows an influencer because he/she feels that they share the same interest, taste or opinion. A KOL’s credibility comes from his/her experience, professional qualifications or time they spent on the subject. An audience follows a KOL’s recommendation because of his/her knowledge, not because he/she can relate to the KOL personally.