Life of an Instagram Influencer

Life of an Instagram influencer always appears to be so beautiful and relaxed. Talking about their work, people might automatically have in mind the image of expensive trips, branded clothes, 5-star meals and a laid-back life. However, few people know that this job is not as easy as it looks and influencers also have to work hard to pay their bills. This article will analyse the other side of influencers’ life which might surprise you.

You have to work 24/7

Working on social media means that you don’t work from 9 to 5. Instead, you have to be “online” every time. Kiersten “Kiki” Rich, owner of the account The Blonde Abroad, said that the hardest thing about being an influencer is “keeping up with it,” adding, “You can’t go on a week’s vacation. It’s every day, all day long.”

Beauty influencer Huda Kuttan explained, “The most important thing is that this isn’t a part-time job. When you leave the office on weekends, you are always going to be this person –- especially if you are an influencer-founded brand, you never get to leave that life.”

When talking about her week, Influencer Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes described it as “scheduled top-to-bottom.” She said there’s “styling, shooting, post-processing, writing, web management,” and more. She also emphasized that the job can sometimes be “draining”.

Your are often underestimated

In fact, influencers have to handle a lot of tasks and they work really hard almost everyday of the week. Nonetheless, many people assume that their work is a joke. In an interview with Influry, Charlotte Nikitopoulos, owner of account Charlotte’s Lookbook said that this job is not just about taking good photos. It is much more than that, the job is about being in control of a brand and its content. “Most influencers are highly educated people and are often seen to be ‘nothing but a pretty face”, Charlotte said.

Influencer Lainy Hedaya pointed out that her brand is really important to her and and that the job of being a blogger is indeed a real work. She explained, “A lot of people think I just frolic around the world wearing cool clothes, take selfies and my work is simple, but there’s a lot behind the scenes that goes into a single Instagram post.” If you want to make “influencing” a full-time job for you, you might be surprised at how much effort it takes on the business side.

You don’t make a lot of money at the beginning

After building a substantial fan base, influencers are likely to earn a great deal of money. However, at the beginning, it does not happen. Kiersten Rich, Top 10 Travel Influencers by Forbes, said that she was struggling at first. She even had a few side jobs and only went on budget trips.

Aimee Song, who is now in Forbes’ 30Under 30 List, shared that she didn’t have any ideas that blogging can make money. She started her bog just as a passion project.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Asiyami Gold said that: “For [years], I ate noodles every single day, and it became my favorite meal.” Sai de Silva, the one behind Scout the City account, told Business Insider that newcomers should expect to make money out of their influence after one to three years into it.

It is more stressful than it seems

What else do influencers do besides taking photos? According to Instagram Influencers, this job is quite stressful. One of the hardest parts is to response to a large number of followers.

Canadian influencer Tee Go, owner of account ThatSoTee said that this job can be amazing but at the end of the day, “your audience is also your boss.” She added that it is difficult to listen to many opinions at the same time, saying, “You need the right attitude and tough skin if you’re going to work in this field.”

Aimee Song of Song Of Style also mentioned that there are many aspects of the business that are unknown to outsiders. Arielle Charnas, the creator of brand Something Navy explained that it can be tough to stand out, adding, “The pressure to deliver content every day is always there.” She noted, “The worst part is losing creative freedom.”

Your finance is unpredictable

Many people assume that Instagram Influencers are all rich. There photos make others think that they are well paid and not busy at all. There are even rumors about the large amount of money that they receive for each of the sponsored post. While these assumptions are quite true for some big influencers, for the rest of the influencers, they are not so accurate.

Asiyami Gold explained that the income of influencers are often unstable. She added: “You [can] go through a month, two months, three months of not knowing where your daily bread is coming from. Sometimes you have to save that $5,000 you got for the next five months, because you don’t know when you’re going to make money [again].”

Nonetheless, some other influencers are still happy with their income. One influencer said, “From the time Instagram launched, I have been able to support myself from blogging alone. It depends on your situation.”