Ecomobi's Business Director gives an inspiring speech at talk show "Vietnam Startups Go Global"

This morning (21/6), Ms. Do Kim Dung – Business Director of Ecomobi was invited to give speech at talk show “Vietnam Startups Go Global”. She shared the story of Ecomobi’s journey to dominate South East Asian market and gave advice to young startups on how to expand globally.

Talk Show “Vietnam Startups Go Global” is hosted by iMentor. It is a forum for successful startups to share their experiences and inspire other young entrepreneurs. This event has attracted a lot of new startups who are looking for consultations and advices from the experts.

Ecomobi is proud to be considered a successful startup which has expanded to six countries in South East Asia. We are now a partner of more than 100 brands and 30,000 social channels across Asia.