What is Influencer Marketing?

Recently, the term “Influential Marketing” has become a new trend in Marketing. Brands are on the race to find suitable influencers in the hope of increasing brand awareness and sales performance. Correspondingly, the ones who work as influencers are looking for ways to earn income from their social influence. So what is Influencer Marketing?

Definition of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a strategy that relies on influential or famous people in a given industry to spread brand awareness and increase sales. In other words, Influencer Marketing is marketing that uses key content creators to attract attention and drive authentic engagements around a product/ service and the intended message. The process of Influencer Marketing includes identifying, researching, engaging and supporting influencer to create high-impact contents about the product.

Definition of Influencer

Influencers are the one whose thoughts or opinions have certain impact on their audiences. They have the power to induce or deter purchase decisions of others thanks to their expertise and relationship with the audiences. The source of their influence comes from their knowledge about the industry, attractive storytelling style and their relationship with the audiences. The most common way to identify an influencer is through the number of followers and their content orientation. The contents usually focus on a specific subject in which they share their experience and knowledge. It is worth mention that the larger number of followers does not necessarily represent bigger influence.

Types of Influencers

  1. Celebrity
  2. Industry experts and thought leaders
  3. Bloggers and content creators
  4. Micro influencers